The selfie that broke my iPhone

It’s all very embarrassing. There I was, feeling virtuous for venturing out on Bank Holiday Monday despite the rain. I made it all the way to Starbucks, where I remained as the drizzle turned to a torrential downpour. Several hours, two lattes, and a salad later, though, I felt it was time to go home. I had my beautiful Ted Baker raincoat with me so I confidently strode out into the deluge. By the time I reached my front door, my Converse trainers and my jeans were soaked through. Instead of going inside, however, I thought I should capture this moment with a photo. Famous last words…

Now I haven’t been having a lot of luck with my phone these past few years. Last year it was stolen from a bar in Mendoza; not so long before, I was walking and texting and flung it across the ground so that the screen cracked; like everyone, I’m always struggling with battery life; and earlier this year, I tried to update the software and the phone froze for two days. I tend not to back up my phone regularly – I like living on the edge – so each time I lose several months of app downloading, settings changing, and personal messaging.

In this case, a minute or two of photography in the rain resulted in an unresponsive screen and, as I soon discovered, water droplets in the SIM drawer. I put it in a bag of rice – thank you, internet, for that tip – and two days later it worked perfectly well. After charging it in the car, though, it died a quiet death and would not turn back on. A cheerful man on Apple’s online chat told me that it was a hopeless cause and emphasised that liquid damage was not covered by the warranty. Despite his protestations, however, I booked an appointment with the Genius Bar in Covent Garden… and, would you believe it, there was no liquid damage after all and they replaced the phone for free under the warranty. A Christmas miracle!

Selfie in the rainThanks to the magic of Apple Photo Stream, you can even see that ill-fated selfie… (Although, of course, that whole back-up thing doesn’t seem like such a great idea now with the iCloud/JLaw debacle – which, by the way, is a criminal invasion of privacy and not a Hollywood scandal.

When it comes to technology failing, it’s probably our photos that we’re most concerned about losing. My favourite quote from The Beach: “I don’t travel with a camera. My holiday becomes the snapshots and anything I forget to record is lost.” Ironically, though, the film with Leonardo DiCaprio ends with him in an internet café downloading the group photo they all took when things were still hunky-dory. Because we love photos. We love documenting the good times, we love sharing them with others, and we love to reminisce about them years later. So that we can remind ourselves of past holidays and friendships, show our children how we used to be cool, show ourselves how we used to be young, and look back in our old age on a life well lived.

The moral of the story? Think twice before you take out your phone on a rainy day. Back up your back-up. And, should the worst happen – as it has for me now many times – then accept it with grace and poise like I did. After all, it’s only a phone…

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panamericana, pan-american highway

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Learning, falling, and taking that leap anyway…

Jumping from the diving board

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Laura Thomas Happy Sugar Habits

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Mdina stone bridge

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I fainted #LikeAGirl


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