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Personal coaching and training for ambitious individuals and teams who want to make a difference -
without sacrificing their health and relationships to do so!

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About Me

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Who I am, and why I want to help you to succeed

I am a business consultant and personal coach (CPC and ACC) who writes, coaches and leads workshops to help ambitious individuals, employees and entrepreneurs achieve their full potential in their professional and personal lives.

Having built my career in beauty and luxury marketing, I initially left my role at multinational Procter & Gamble to start up my own company, providing digital marketing consulting to brands like Burberry and Vertu. I have since continued to write, consult and train businesses to help integrate digital in their strategies and toolkits, from large corporations down to startups and solopreneurs.

Today, I help people reach their fullest potential and maximise their personal and professional impact by setting clear objectives, balancing their ambitions at work with their personal priorities, and managing their time and energy effectively. Ultimately, I want people to achieve their wildest dreams and their most audacious goals!

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Personal coaching has the power to be truly transformational, beyond even your initial goals. You’ll have both a cheerleader and an accountability partner along the journey as you explore, plan and make big changes in your life. You can choose the goals you want to focus on in an individual 1:1 coaching programme and, launching soon, get support from a number of mini-courses.

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"Getting coached by Anna was a great experience and gave me a stirring motivation. Anna taught me how to improve myself personally, become clear about my goals and showed me how to implement them step by step. A path always starts with one first step and with the coaching of Anna you'll stay on the right path for the further steps."

- Thomas

Schools & Universities

From a very early age we’re painfully aware of the importance of choosing the “right” path, the Career with a capital “C”. Unfortunately we often make the “wrong” choice, based on other people’s expectations and a misguided sense of what we “should” do. I’m working with students and career counsellors to highlight the factors we need to consider when making these decisions and how to avoid making choices that we’ll regret further down the line.

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"Anna's depth of knowledge about the realities of balancing one's personal life with a successful career is invaluable as the practical context for her effective brand of coaching. Anna's keen listening and insightful questions allowed me to explore and discover hidden personal beliefs that were keeping me in a cycle of hard work and exhaustion. With Anna as my personal coach, I learned new ways to empower myself and move forward to achieve personal fulfilment in all aspects of my life. I recommend Anna for those individuals who are committed to having a life that makes their heart sing!"

- Marcia

Companies & Organisations

Employee engagement in many workplaces is disappointingly low as a result of a mismatch between the individual and the role, a lack of proper coaching and training, and a lack of clarity as to the purpose of the work. I’m coaching and inspiring teams to increase employee engagement, both individual and overall productivity, and ultimately lead to better results for both the individuals and the businesses.

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"Everything you've ever wanted is one step outside your comfort zone."


I’m passionate about sharing stories and lessons from my own life - and encouraging others to avoid my mistakes! I can talk on themes including building your personal brand, getting out of your comfort zone, and deciding on the right career path, tailoring the message for the audience at schools, universities, companies and conferences.

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