Hi, I’m Anna. I am a business mentor and life coach, author and podcast host, mum of two… and I’m here to help you reimagine what ‘success’ looks and feels like.

“Anna! Go back and walk properly!”

I was three years old, and my parents had been invited to our end-of-year ceremony at play school. When my name was called, I sprang joyfully out of my seat and skipped towards the teacher.

“Anna! Go back and walk properly!” she said, and my face fell as I returned to my chair.

Throughout my childhood, and then into adulthood, I followed the “good girl” path and did as I was told (more or less!). I graduated top of my class, secured a place at Oxford where I studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics, continued on to do a postgraduate degree in International Relations in Geneva, and then accepted a job in brand management at leading multinational Procter & Gamble (P&G).

It always felt a little ‘accidental’ to end up in marketing in the private sector after my studies, which had rather focused on international relations and developing countries. Having said that, P&G was the best school for branding and marketing, while also giving me experience of people management, training and facilitation, presenting to large audiences, negotiation, and coaching. I specialised in digital marketing and had the opportunity to work closely with senior leaders at Facebook, Google, and various creative agencies and media companies.

However, there was always a disconnect between what I was doing in this big corporation and what I felt that I *should* be doing.

In 2013, I got up the courage to ask for a sabbatical to have some time away. Off I went to South America, declaring “Adventure is out there!” as I travelled across the continent with my very basic Spanish language skills. Along the way, I met people from all walks of life – single travellers and couples, young and old, unemployed and retired – and I began to open my eyes to different ways of living and working, outside of my own little bubble. Halfway through that trip, I made the decision to quit my job altogether and to leave the city where I’d been living comfortably for nine years.

I immersed myself in personal development, careers and business literature as I tried to work out what to do next. At first, I was looking at similar jobs in other industries, but I soon realised that this wouldn’t give me the big change that I was looking for.

In February 2014, I founded a limited company providing digital marketing consultancy to clients from well-known brands and big corporations right down to small start-ups and entrepreneurs. It was exciting to work with different teams, and on my own terms, and I was taking time off between projects to continue my travels.

Something was still missing, however.

Today, I’ve found a way to combine my business and marketing experience on the one hand with life coaching and positive psychology techniques on the other to help experienced professionals and business owners redefine ‘success’, build effective personal brands, and achieve better work-life integration.

Most importantly, I’ve found a way to design a life and career that gives me the freedom, flexibility and fulfilment that I think all of us dream of. I’m a writer, keynote speaker, coach and training workshop facilitator, initially having used that freedom and flexibility of running my own business to be location independent and travel the world and now using it to manage life and work with two young kids.

The experience of making my own choices, listening to my intuition and to my heart as much as to my head, has been incredibly rewarding and transformative beyond what I ever could have imagined.

And I’m here when you’re ready to do the same.

Here’s to your success – whatever that looks like for you.


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