Let me design a virtual or in-person workshop tailored to boost your organisation’s leadership development and work-life balance initiatives. Elevate your organisation’s productivity and employee wellbeing through targeted, practical sessions.

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From my early days as a digital ambassador in corporate settings, I discovered a deep-seated passion for training and capacity building. This has led me to design and facilitate online workshops for a diverse range of teams and individuals, spanning various functions and levels of seniority. To date, my experience includes leading over 500 virtual webinars and in-person workshops, catering to audience sizes from 5 to 200 attendees.

Feedback such as being “exceptional at keeping students engaged throughout the class,” a “great storyteller,” and “exceptionally professional” underscores the impact and effectiveness of my workshops. Each session is crafted to inspire, educate, and drive actionable change, ensuring attendees leave with valuable insights and strategies.

These workshops are…..

  • Adaptable to your needs so you can create a learning experience that works for you
  • Designed to be delivered online or in-person
  • Engaging and interactive, for learners of different backgrounds and abilities
  • Suitable for a multi-functional audience, from marketing to finance to supply chain
  • Impactful for different-sized organisations, from small businesses and start-ups through to global corporations

Workshop topics

Beyond Time Management: A Holistic Approach to Productivity

In a workplace that creates relentless demands and distractions, equip your team with more than traditional time management skills. This workshop introduces a holistic productivity framework that enhances how employees manage time, energy, and attention. Enable your workforce to prioritise effectively, align their work with natural energy levels, and minimise distractions. You’ll see not just improvements in individual performance but also a boost in overall team productivity and wellbeing.

Designing Work-Life Harmony: Strategies for the Modern Professional

In this workshop, employees will discover how to blend personal values and professional ambitions in a way that feels authentic and achievable. They will learn practical steps to integrate work and life seamlessly, reducing stress and enhancing overall satisfaction. Empower your employees with the tools to create a fulfilling lifestyle where success and wellbeing coexist, enhancing employee engagement and retention.

Navigating Your Career Path: Strategies for Empowered Decisions

This workshop empowers your employees to actively shape their career trajectory, aligning it with their personal definitions of success and fulfilment. Through interactive discussions and actionable strategies, they will learn how to make informed decisions, seize opportunities for growth, and advocate for their own career development. This will lead to increased engagement and loyalty to the organisation.

Additional topics and deep-dives are available on request. Get in touch to discuss a bespoke workshop session tailored specifically to your organisation’s and audience’s needs and interests.

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“If you’re looking for a great writer, researcher, subject matter expert, speaker or presenter who specialises in the digital space – Anna is the person for you. I have used Anna’s services for many projects over the years and her work has always been outstanding. She is a fantastic writer, researcher and presenter all in one to name just a few of her talents.

Amber Robertson

Head of Product at Avado

“Anna’s keynote speech and workshops combined inspiration and actionable advice at our careers event. Our officers were equipped with a set of tools to help them manage their career proactively. Anna was great to work with, flexible to our needs and I would definitely recommend her as a speaker.”

Alex Bingley

Leadership Delivery Manager at Police Now

“Anna delivered a workshop on ‘How to get what you want from your freelancing business’. There were 50 people attending, ranging from people thinking about freelancing and at the early stages in their careers, to very experienced consultants. Anna’s presentation had something for everyone and was motivating and thought-provoking.

Christina Lister

Co-founder of the Museum Freelance Network

Get in touch to discuss your specific objectives and how I can create the right workshop for you.