Happy Midsummer! So what lights you up?

what lights you up

“What lights you up?”

I was asked this question a few weeks ago and I just think it’s the most beautiful question that you can ask someone. So much more personal, and insightful, than the standard “What do you do?” or even “Where are you from?” And what better time to ask this question than over Midsummer, the summer solstice, the day of the year that has the most daylight?

It’s a beautiful question, but also a tough one. It’s not something anyone’s ever asked me, nor something I’ve considered myself. “Erm, err, meeting new people… travelling… umm…”


Okay, let’s try this again…

What lights me up?

My niece and nephew. The purity of the emotions of a child, any child. Playing. Learning. Understanding how things work. Books, films. The smell of coffee, the foam on a cappuccino. Cinnamon buns. Indulging in a really good dessert. A glass of wine. Good music. Singing, dancing. Being on stage. Looking through old photos, remembering good times. Thinking about my grandpa. An evening with friends. Booking a trip. Feeling inspired, inspiring others. A pretty dress or handbag. Laughter. Not taking yourself too seriously. Sending (and receiving) flirty texts. Eye contact. Connecting with new people. Unexpected kindness from strangers. Getting a compliment. Finishing a run or a gym workout. Achieving something. Winning. Knowing that I’ve made the right decision. Being able to go straight to bed on the days I’m not wearing make-up. The feel of my duvet when I get into bed. Christmas. Fairy lights. Wearing flowers in my hair. Driving in our rented yellow Beetle convertible. Yellow in general. Freedom. Blue skies. Rainbows. Double rainbows! Springtime. Birds twittering in the trees. Cherry trees. Tulips and daisies. Hummingbirds. An ocean breeze. Natural beauty and wonder. Waterfalls. Campfires. Looking up at the stars and thinking about how small and insignificant all our little problems are. Hugs. Life.

So… what lights you up?

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